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Your warehouse is a goldmine

Are you effectively mining the gold in your warehouse? Lets examine the type of gold we are mining for…

#1 Productivity

Does your warehouse have optimal material handling processes in place allowing for maximum productivity? It can be as major as an ineffective WMS (warehouse management system), or as small as a faulty pallet jack. If the gears are not properly in motion ,your company in the long run is losing money with inefficient productivity in its warehouse operations.

#2 Storage Efficiency

Storing bulk quantities of 3,500 lb pallets and 3,500 SKUs of small parts have different requirements in relation to storage effectiveness. Too often the efficiency of storage goes overlooked and companies fall back on the idea of what has worked in the past is still viable for the future. The short and sweet answer is that owning commercial real estate is not cheap (especially in the Bay Area). Optimizing your storage footprint is a crucial metric in improving profitability for your operation. Utilizing high density storage (when applicable) can help clear space for more profitable ventures that previously were unachievable. Increasing your footprint without needing to build out is another solution to help improve efficiency that a structural mezzanine can help to create. Mezzanines can also be self supported by pallet rack or shelving.

Taking efficiency to the next level, industrial automation can provide high density and high security storage. An increasingly popular automated storage product, the Vertical Lift Module (VLM) this computer-controlled system will automatically place and retrieve loads from defined storage locations

#3 Process Improvements

As the saying goes, “things don’t get more valuable the more times they are touched.” Identifying solutions that will improve processes in manufacturing and distribution can yield an increase in operational efficiency. A deeper analysis of step by step processes will allow for identifying opportunities to achieve optimal throughput.

Our management team has over 40 years of experience improving productivity, increasing storage efficiency, and identifying process improvements that add value to operational excellence. We invite your team to join ours in finding the gold inside your warehouse. Contact MHS

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