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Safety Equipment

Safety Equipment

Protect your investments and your employees with guard rail and rack protectors.  Prevent forklift damage to pallet rack, replacing a damaged


column protector is much less expensive and time consuming compared to replacing an entire upright.

Safety Netting

Protect your employees and your materials with safety netting.  Our safety netting solutions are OSHA compliant

and custom fitted to your facility.  Rack Guard netting is

a custom safety netting system to protect stock from falling

in retail and industrial applications.

Conveyor guard netting is a great safety solution to protect underneath and around all types of conveyor systems including roller, belt and overhead systems.

Collision Awareness

Collision Awareness products provide alerts for pedestrians and forklift drivers to potentially hazardous situations and locations.  These high traffic locations that are common danger zones typically involved in collisions and near-misses.  Loading docks, overhead doors, intersections and blind corners are popular locations for increased awareness.


Awareness warning systems provide visual indicators of red or amber flashing lights and an optional audible alarm to give employees an increased level of safety awareness, while assisting in a reduction of potential collisions.

Check out this video showcasing collision awareness in action.

Download the full catalog of offerings at this link

Collision Awareness Product Catalog