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Material Handling & Storage, Inc.

About MHS

Material Handling & Storage is a family owned and operated company providing material handling solutions to the warehousing, manufacturing and distribution industries.  MHS has two locations: Danville, California and Phoenix, Arizona. We have an expertise in warehouse layout and design. We add value through achieving best practices in cube utilization and operational efficiency. Optimizing pallet rack and material handling equipment layouts is our skillset.

Our Services

Modula Vertical Lift Module

Modula is the industry leader for manufacturing the high quality automated storage and retrieval systems.  These systems are designed to optimize space and improve warehouse management.

Our Products

Modula Lift

Modula Lift is the ideal storage solution for industrial products, spare parts and components in a variety of warehousing, automotive, medical and industrial environments

Modula Slim

Quick to install. Easy to use. The Modula SLIM is built on a preassembled base module which is easy to ship and quick to install.

Modula OnePick

Designed with a Cartesian robotic arm inside, completing all of the picking and stocking requests automatically and delivering the product box to the delivery bay in seconds.

Modula Wms

Modula’s Warehouse Management (WMS) software is an en-suite logistics management program, designed to sync and interact with Modula VLM units.


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