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Industrial Shelving

Shelving systems typically store non-palletized loads. Boltless shelving is a very common style of shelving adjustable on 1-1/2″ centers. Capacity per shelf can range from low profile 250 lbs per shelf level up to 1,200 lbs per shelf level. The most common types of shelves on this system are either particle board or wire mesh decking.

Shelving is an effective way to store a wide range of products in the warehouse. Majority of the shelving is readily available in-stock for any size project. Shelving typically has either particle board, wire mesh deck or solid shelf levels. Depending on the types of products being stored, there are benefits to all three shelf options.

Wire shelves are a common option especially when going with tall shelving units to meet fire code. Permits are required with shelving when top of storage exceeds 144″ (12′) top of product. ​
When space savings is an important factor in your storage solution, mobile aisle shelving is an excellent option to gain back valuable floor space that would otherwise be lost from additional aisles required for the system.

Bolt less rivetier shelving is the easiest type of shelving to install. We proudly provide boltless shelving from Western Pacific Storage Systems . Western Pacific has stocking facilities in (3) strategic locations across the United States: (1) Southern California , Plano, Texas , and Paris, Kentucky

Shelving systems can also be incorporated into multi-tiered shelving supported catwalk systems and shelving supported platforms to create elevated work areas and storage.
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